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Is your carpet old and faded? You don’t need to replace it! Dyeing is the solution you are looking for.


Is it bleached and stained? With more than 45 years of experience, we can spot-dye your carpet to make it look like new again.


If you are in Perth we can help you out refreshing your old stained rug with colours you won’t find in the shops!

Find out how carpet dyeing with Prism is the most cost-effective way to refresh your carpet for a clean, new look.

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carpet-to-dye carpet-dyed

Your carpet technician has over 15 years’ experience.
Through testing and expert opinion, you will be able to know if dyeing will be permanent on your carpet. For example, most nylon and wool carpets are dyeable. However, it is not advisable to dye acrylic and polypropylene.

How does it work?

The carpet is extract cleaned and neutralised from the cocktail of dirt, previous chemicals, urine, bleach, etc. then it’s dyed all in one visit.
Your carpet is left slightly damper than after steam cleaning. Normal drying time varies but the average takes between 1-3 days.

Your carpet can be used immediately, even placing furniture back using slight precautions will be possible.

spot-to-dye spot-dyed

Bleach, urine, medications (such as acne treatments) and some cleaning products can remove colour out of carpets.
This tends to leave ugly, lighter stains that cleaning cannot remove.
In these cases, Prism can spot dye the colour back into these patches and bring back the original colour.

How does it work?

The stain must be lighter than the background colour of the carpet. If your stain is darker, the best and least expensive alternative to fixing your problem may be to dye the whole room to a deeper colour.


Bleach remains active in carpet fibers even when it’s been cleaned. To prevent further damage and the possibility of bleach coming back through our dye, we suggest you flood the stains with cold water and then stand on a towel to soak up the water.
Repeat two to three times. Don’t use other chemicals or rub the area. Then call us and we will further neutralise the bleach and colour match to the existing colour of the carpet.

rug-to-dye green-rug-dyed

Rug dyeing is similar to whole area carpet dyeing: wool, nylon and silk are dyeable, however polypropylene and cotton are not.
Sometimes a label on the back of the rug will advise.

How does it work?

Once again your skilled technician will know or advise either by visiting and testing or over the phone.
Rugs are cleaned and dyed, giving them a freshened up look.

You may just want freshen up your existing colour. We can offer numerous colours, some you cannot buy

What They’re Saying

“Had a big mold stain on our bedroom carpet that we bleached trying to get rid of it. Likely we found Prism! Phil managed to dye the spot and we successfully passed our lease inspection! Thank you Prism!”

Eduard Duncan

“Prism made an old milk stain disappear from my carpet and a messy bleach mark got magically removed. Both can't be seen now at all!”

Rochelle Tetlow‎

“ I would highly recommend Prism, very professional and they saved me big bucks on new carpet!!”

Joe Harrison

“I'm wondering why I never contacted Prism sooner! Phil did a great job fixing the mess we made trying to clean the carpet, it looks like new now!”

Jess May


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