Spot Dyeing

Spot Dyeing

Bleach, urine, medications (such as acne treatments) and some cleaning products can remove colour out of carpets.

This tends to leave ugly, lighter stains that cleaning cannot remove.

In these cases, Prism can spot dye the colour back into these patches and bring back the original colour.

Criteria: The stain must be lighter than the background colour of the carpet. If your stain is darker, the best and least expensive alternative to fixing your problem carpets may be to dye the whole room to a deeper colour.

Bleach remains active in carpet fibers even when it’s been cleaned. To prevent further damage and the possibility of bleach coming back through our dye, we suggest you flood the stains with cold water and then stand on a towel to soak up the water.

Repeat two to three times. Don’t use other chemicals or rub the area. Then call us and we will further neutralise the bleach and colour match to the existing colour of the carpet.